Van Sabben Poster Auction 60

540 Guillermo Laborde (1886-1940) 1er Campeonato monedeal de Football Uruguay 38x79, 1930, very rare B+ € 8000 -15000 541 Anonymous Tuphine Chrome Leather Footballs 35,5x46, ca. ca. 1920, tin plate B/B+ € 900 -1800 542 Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) Bières de la Meuse 39,5x59,5, 1897, on linen B/B+ € 5500 -11000 543 Geojan (ps. Georges Jean, 1890-?) Before text (Château de Pez) 56x76, ca 1900, printers sample from sample book B+ € 800 -1500 540 542 541 543 70 The first world championship for football was a big occasion for Uruguay and it of course needed an official poster. The plan was to set up a contest with jurors and let artist submit their designs. One of these jurors was Guillermo Laborde (1886-1940), a prominent figure in the Uruguayan art world and a teacher at the school of fine arts. Laborde resigned shortly after being brought onto the jury, because he wanted to enter his own designs and with his slick modernist poster he eventually placed first! His second entry ranked third place(!). This fine example offered at Van Sabben, lotnr. 540, is one of the very few on the market with direct provable provenance, being collected at the event by a member of staff and passed down to his nephew who consigned it here to this auction. As a result, the authenticity of this rare piece of sports history can be guaranteed. Strangely enough, it doesn't show the tax marking in the exact same place and the small logo in the bottom left. Perhaps indicating that this is one of the very few originals in the whole world….