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about van sabben poster auctions

Information about this Auction house:

In 1991, Piet van Sabben started organising poster auctions in the Netherlands under the name: "Van Sabben Poster Auctions". Twice a year, authentic posters come under the hammer which can be viewed during the special viewing days prior to the auctions.


What makes this auction house unique is that it is the only one in the Netherlands to exclusively offer national and international posters for auction. Occasionally, this rule is broken and related articles come under the hammer, such as poster-related books, enamel advertising signs and/or other unique artefacts.


Auction catalogue: more than just a catalogue
A full colour illustrated catalogue is published for every auction which is acknowledged worldwide as being an importance reference document. Every catalogue contains an index of the artists' name and theme and includes a ‘special' about a poster designer. In addition, there is an extensive bibliography as well as the result list from the previous auction. Last but not least, this catalogue is also ordered by numerous national and international museums, libraries and other institutions for their own (city) archives. Note: All catalogues of previous auctions are still available on special offer! See ‘catalogues' on this Internet site.



Van Sabben Poster Auctions has an extensive Internet site: http://www.vansabbenauctions.nl/, which provides comprehensive information for existing and new poster lovers. For example, the result list will appear on the site the day after the auction, and any unsold posters can still be purchased under the same terms and conditions via the ‘After sales' option.  In addition, numerous posters can also be bought outside the auction via the renewed "Poster Gallery" section, where private collections are also on offer.

Another important fact is that this auction house involves a newer, larger worldwide audience for collecting posters by offering an alternative method of bidding than only at auction; it offers the possibly to bid through Internet, via Artfact (www.artfact.com)


Additional services:
Other services offered by this auction house include: assistance in obtaining special posters, restorations, valuations and advice in starting a collection.


Udo Boersma has been the new owner of ‘Van Sabben Poster Auctions' since January 1999, but continues to run the company under the original name.