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Buying/bidding at Van Sabben Poster Auctions:

The catalogue shows two amounts behind each lot number. The first amount in bold is the starting price, which means that bids below this amount will not be accepted. The second amount gives an indication of the estimated current market value. The auctioneer opens the bidding at the starting price or as high as is justified by the written or online commissions submitted. He raises the bid amounts by increments of approximately 10%.


Bidding methods:

  • We prefer to welcome potential buyers with coffee and cake at our auction room in Hoorn, where we will also check your id card.
  • Prior to the auction, bidders will receive a bidding number. Upon presentation of this bidding number the bidder will receive an invoice, which also serves as a collection notice to pick up items immediately after the auction, as soon everything has been paid for.
  • If it is not possible to attend the auction personally, you may submit written (absentee) bids, bids via our site or via e-mail. These commissions are accepted and executed without extra costs. The auctioneer is expected to acquire the desired lot number at the lowest possible price for the written submitter.
  • It is also possible to bid by phone, which needs to be reported to the auction house in the days prior to the auction. By e-mail or by sending the bid form by mail or to VSPA, 2 telephone numbers can be submitted. It is, however, not possible to determine reserve amounts. We phone customers approximately five minutes before their lots are due. During such conversations names are not used.
  • Bidding can also be done by telephone. This must be reported the day before the auction by downloading the bidding form here, completing it without limits and sending it or email to VSPA. We call customers approximately 5 minutes before the indicated lot(s). No names are mentioned during that conversation.
  • Live online bidding while sitting in your easy chair is also possible via www.Invaluable.com (5% applicable) via the site or their app., but potential customers/ bidders need to register in the days prior to the auction, which can be done via the Invaluable link on the site of Van Sabben Poster Auctions. Just watching without bidding is also possible without any registration.


Unsold lots remain in the ‘Aftersale’ section on the internet site of the auction house for the same reserve price and under the same conditions to be bought later on.

For further information: Auction terms and conditions