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Auction house van Sabben Poster Auctions applies the following standard procedure when putting posters and/ or related promotional items up for auction:

  • To get in touch with us by phone or e-mail, please attach some photos of the items which are put up for auction, or fill in the form below and click on 'Send this form'.
  • Items may be delivered by mail (registered post!) or by courier, but we prefer to make an appointment for bringing them in personally.
  • Professional valuations and auction advise will be given as soon as the items have been delivered to our office.
  • If the items are going to be auctioned by VSPA, the seller receives a submission receipt stating the reserve prices. This is a written confirmation of agreements made.
  • Two weeks prior to the auction the seller receives an overview showing all submitted items and their lot numbers.
  • Approximately within 4 weeks after the auction the seller receives an overview of all sold items, followed by a settlement, provided the buyer has paid the amount to the auction house.
  • If the seller agrees, unsold lots remain available for sale, in the ‘Aftersale’ for a couple of months with the original reserve price and under the same conditions as published on the internet site of the auction house.
  • Unsold items are stored free of charge for a period of one year, after that a storage fee is charged.
  • Click here for the general terms of sale: Auction terms and conditions Van Sabben Poster Auctions

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